Swim Program

Curriculum & Private Lessons



Curriculum ensures that every student:

  • Participates in a varied range of aquatic experiences including open water simulation
  •  Is challenged by new skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Utilises learnt knowledge and skill to aid understanding for safer personal safety choices
  • Develops comfort and confidence in swimming, as clear pathways for lifetime aquatic participation emerges.

Aquatic Pathways JD-logo-Final-optus-teal-01-(1)

Swimming Australia has developed the Optus Junior Dolphins program, positioned as a flow on from the learning foundations in swimming and water safety education. Optus Junior Dolphins is designed to encourage continued participation in aquatic activity through competitive and reactional/lap swimming.

The link between the two curricula creates a specific pathway for students enhancing their lifetime aquatic experiences; preparing them for the competitive swimming arena if they so desire.

The curriculum for the Optus Junior Dolphin program builds on the core and foundation elements learnt in swimming and water safety education as each skill is broken down into segmented and achievable components that streamline and refine technique and enhance the development of efficiency and endurance.


When do the direct debit payments start?
Direct debit payments commence on your first week of lessons (Thursdays weekly) 

How much is the direct debit payment?
The direct debit payment will be $15.70 per week.

What happens if I want some time off?
You will be able to suspend your membership for up to 6 weeks per school calendar year, with a minimum of 2 weeks at a time reducing your payment to  $5.00 per week.   You can also advise us you wish to suspend your membership over the 4 week summer period at not cost* (Suspensions are not applicable to pre paid memberships)

What if my child is sick?
We no longer offer make-up lessons, however with prior notification and presentation of a medical certificate students will be eligible for a Family Swim pass. The pass is valid for one month from date of issue. Suspensions are available for extended illness.

Are upfront payments still available?
Yes, the upfront payment will be 16 weeks - 3 blocks available per calendar year.  Excludes out of lesson swimming and holiday activities.  Suspensions not applicable

How much does squad cost?
Squad will be $16.80 per week and all of the above FAQs apply.

Are private lessons available?
Yes, on application. Private lessons have a 30 minute duration and are $38.80 per lesson.

Private Swim Lesson Application