Membership Suspension Request Form

Please note you can request a minimum of 1 week with a maximum of 6 weeks permitted per suspension (paid in full memberships can suspend for a maximum of 6 weeks per year). 
Direct Debit membership will be charged a suspension fee of $5.00 per week.  If we have any queries regarding your request, we will contact you within 2 - 3 business days.

Membership Suspension Request

  • The Centre must be notified in writing with reasonable notice (at least 3 days) prior to the date of suspension. I, the undersigned, request to suspend my membership for the timeframe above as per the terms of my Direct Debit Request (DDR) and Contract. I understand that I can suspend my membership at $5.00 per week (Direct Debit) for a minimum of 1 week and not exceeding 6 weeks per suspension. Paid in full memberships can suspend for a maximum of 6 weeks per calendar year. I also understand that any time spent on suspension will be added onto the minimum term of the Agreement. I understand that if my account is in default I must arrange to pay all monies owing before a suspension can be processed. This form is only a membership suspension application form and if your suspension is outside your terms and conditions your membership is not considered suspended until you receive confirmation from Pelican Park or Debitsuccess.